Brookhart for Crook County Judge



What visitors often notice immediately about our county is the friendly and reserved nature of the people that live here.  With only one incorporated city, the county is primarily rural; wide open spaces where neighbors help neighbors, and people tend to be independent and self-reliant.  We enjoy a fantastic high-desert climate with hot sunny summers and cold clear winters.  These attributes give us options for sustainable living by utilizing solar and wind power.  There are also a wide variety of opportunities for recreation, ranching and farming.  What a great place to live.

So why am I running again?  Many reasons really, for example: Crook County continues to struggle economically while data-centers have apparently become the panacea for growth, the county budget has issues, there’s dysfunctionality within and between county departments, taxes continue to increase and there’s still no resolution on releasing hundreds of criminals.  The list is long and growing!  We talked about many of these things in 2012 and came within just a few dozen votes of winning and getting in front of some of these issues.  Its time folks.  We must elect an experienced leader not a politician, someone capable of stepping into the role of County Judge.  There are tough decisions to be made and the Judge must take responsibility for managing the county business and make them.... with support from the Commissioners of course.

Proven leaders with the best staff, given clear direction and held accountable to measurable goals is the recipe for success.  Whoever is elected for County Judge must make decisions based on solid principles and reflect the will of an informed and engaged electorate.

I chose to again run for Judge,because despite ample opportunity as elected officials, the other candidates have failed to demonstrate the leadership and foresight our county deserves.

Consider these questions when selecting your next Judge: 

  1.   How shall the rich heritage of Crook County be preserved while achieving sustainable economic growth?

  2.   How will finite resources such as power and water be balanced?

  3.   Do you have confidence and trust in their leadership experience?

  4.   Do they have the necessary technical background for data centers?

  5.   Are you being appropriately informed and listened to?

  6.   Are all county citizens being represented fairly?

  7.   Will our Constitutional rights and individual liberty be preserved?

  8.   Are taxes, fees and budgets reflective of residents’ wishes?

  9.   Are public services and departments responsive and efficient?

  10.   Are structural improvements being made to improve our quality of life?

  11.   Do they have a long-range plan/vision for the county?

  12.   Do they take ownership of issues or delegate to subordinates or others?

  13.   Are plans in place for poverty, homelessness and affordable housing?

  14.   Are the affairs of the county transparent?

  15.   Are the workings of our county government in order, or disarray?

  16.   Have you noticed this list could go on to become quite long?

Welcome to my site

Thanks for taking time to visit.  I hope you find the information posted here helpful in getting to know who I am, why I’m running for the position of Crook County Judge, why I’m qualified to do the job, and what you can expect if you give me the opportunity to serve you.

Please take a look around and let me know what you think. I left a few articles dated back to the last election to show just how little has changed in some areas.

The election primary for your new Judge will be in:
Opinion Survey
Upcoming events:
4/18 - KrisAnne Hall; CCHS 6pm
4/28 - Candidate forum; Bowman Museum, 6:30pm
5/3 - Candidate forum; Bowman Museum, 6:30pm
5/10 - Candidate forum; 6:30-8:30pm, Carey Foster Hall
5/17 - Primary Election

51% of the May vote and we WIN!

(No November vote for Judge)